NC Kids wants to partner with parents in pointing kids to Jesus.  Sunday mornings your  kids will join you for a portion of worship and then be dismissed to their classroom via screen prompt. (NC Kids Nursery is available throughout the entire gathering).  Each classroom is designed to be a place of fun, engagment, and Bible learning.  Each lesson focuses on the whole story of the Bible so kids have an understanding of their role in in it, hands on activities help kids feel like they're part of the lesson, and interactive videos that drive home Biblical truths. 


NC Kids Nursery  available throughout the service. NC Kids approved Leaders lovingly watch and play with your little one. On occasion, we have a Parent’s Day to give our leaders a break. In this case, parents and caretakers are welcome to use the NC Kids Nursery, but must stay with their child.


NC Kids Preschool, creates a ministry for your little ones that goes far beyond providing childcare for parents while they’re in service. These lessons are designed to teach preschoolers all of God’s story, not just the highlights, so they grow up with a firm groundwork of Scripture understanding that sticks with them through adolescence and adulthood.


At NC Kids  we don't want to just tell kids  individual Bible stories every week, we want to connect those stories from week-to-week and show kids how the entire Bible is one connected story from God!  We want to design our classes to help kids understand the Bible’s whole story and how God wants them to be a part of it. 


Sunday nights at the NC are designed for the entire family!  Our goal is to have families all on the same page, creating opportunities for more discussion at home.  Using the Listen curriculum from Bible Engagement Project,   NC Preschool, Kids, Youth, and Adults  are  walking through the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, so everyone can understand the entire epic story—and the amazing role God has for them in it.

Jesus + Fun = Amazing Outings!

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