Wednesdays  @ 6:30PM

"What's that youth group thing all about??"


Each week students will have fun hanging out & playing some crazy games!  We know one of the best ways to reach students is to build relationships. Getting them to feel comfortable is vital. We want NC Youth to be  a fun and safe place to hang out. 


Each week we spend time worshipping with music.  We have a rotation of musicians who lead us.  We know that worship is more than just music, we want to worship God with our lives. However, we also know that music can create a great atmosphere for connecting with Jesus.

THE  Message

Each week our students spend time in God's word.  We hear a relevant message from those on our speaking team. Following the message, we break into small groups where we dive into discussion questions that help guide us in applying God's word to our personal lives. 

Upcoming Events

Christian Sexuality Conversations

Over the course of the year, on a monthly basis, the NC Youth will be partnering with Life Options Aware Program to offer conversations covering Christian Sexuality to our High School Students.  

Why Christian Sexuality?

Christian Sexuality was created with you in mind. Questions about sex, sexuality, and gender have become the most pressing ethical questions facing the church today, and this generation is especially swimming in the deep end of these topics.

Christian Sexuality is a comprehensive, relational, narrative-based video curriculum that youth leaders, mentors, and parents can use to disciple high-school age youth in a Christ-centered vision for sex, sexuality, and gender. It’s made up of 25 interviews, including stories of those who experience sexual brokenness and sexual flourishing, expert commentaries about the Bible, our bodies and brains, and culture.

Parents we value you and your leadership in the home. For this reason, we request parental consent for your high schooler to participate in these conversations. The link below will give you all the topics to be covered and give you the opportunity to select the participation level for your student.

If you would like to preview any of the material or need additional information, please contact Pastor Dan Chavez.

Each week an alternate activity will be offered for middle school students and those who choose not to participate in the Christian Sexuality conversations.